Free bilingual books

Internship is a free library of bilingual e-books in pdf format. You have an opportunity to become a contributor in this project as a software developer, qa, analyst or text editor. This project is ready to invite interns. Interns are involved in ordinary process of software development. We use Agile and Scrum.
    Key requirements:
  • good english or russian speaking and writing skills
  • strong motivation to start career in it-company
  • ability to learn modern it-technologies
  • at least 20 hours pro week
  • expand the library with new books
  • for linguists, translators: work with texts of books, edit texts, generate ideas
  • for developer: delelope applications, write code, participate in code rewiew
  • for qa: test applications, maintain test documentation
  • for analysts: write new tasks, help devs and qa's with their tasks, generate new ideas
  • for manager: organize team's work
If you're interested in this internship, please, send your CV (pdf) to Stanislav Kapinus.